GeoShield leverages advanced spatial technologies to facilitate Crime Analysis and Intelligence Led Policing best practice. GeoShield integrates agency law enforcement data and applies advanced analytics to deliver actionable intelligence.

Advanced Spatial Analytics

Making sense of the pins on a map

GeoShield is built on a foundation of advanced spatial technologies. Real Time Crime Analysis and Intelligence Led Policing are enhanced through the application of these technologies. GeoShield leverages Esri’s ArcGIS mapping platform for advanced spatial analytics, visualization and sharing of map based data.


The GeoShield team is comprised of public safety professionals with over 50 years of experience in multiple roles within Law Enforcement. The team understands technology and its benefit to modern public safety agencies. Our experience has evolved GeoShield into a mature, robust, and easy to use product.
"Made by Law Enforcement Professionals for Law Enforcement Professionals"

Steven Jeske

CFO and Director

Nicholas Poorte

GeoShield Product Manager

Rahul Metangale

Head of Development

Chris Poorte

Implementation specialist

Vince Rosales

GeoShield Head

Johnell Olsson

Implementation Client
-Care Manager

David Weloth

GeoShield Industry Manager

Dean Deakins

Public Safety Industry Consultant


CyberTech Systems and Software is the leading provider of world class, cost effective solutions for Public Safety Agencies. Integrating data sources and workflows through mapping and geospatial intelligence, CyberTech delivers state of the art software and services based on Esri, Microsoft, and Cisco technologies.